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Women’s Health

At Carlton Heights Pharmasave we help women through their menopause journey. We provide one-on-one, personalized consultations and practical health advice to prepare and move them forward through the ups and downs of menopause and all its annoying symptoms.

Our Pharmacist Francois Jooste, has over 30 years of experience providing up to date health and wellness information to women dealing with menopause and many other health issues.

Francois specializes in Medication and Natural Products Reviews and Advice, Substance Interactions, Clinical Nutritional Therapies, Pain and Weight Management, Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to help you feel on top of the world again – with a new zest for a full and joyful life!

Francois focuses on Holistic Health Care, i.e., an approach that includes body health, mind and spirit with the mission of empowering others to live a clearer and more meaningful life by adhering to basic wellness principles and establishing good health habits.

It is indeed possible to live Life with energy and vitality and grow old gracefully! Let Francois help you to achieve this goal.

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Contact us today for your private consultation with Francois. Pharmacy personnel will set a mutually agreeable appointment date and time for you.

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