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Pharmacy Services

If you…

  • Take more than one medication.
  • Make multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up your refills.
  • Sometimes forget to call in your refills.
  • Occasionally run out of medication between refills.

If any of the above apply, speak with your Live Well Pharmacist about synchronizing your medications today with MedAlign.

What is MedAlign?

MedAlign is a Pharmasave service that coordinates a convenient schedule to refill your medications on the same day. MedAlign will help you set up reminders to refill medications before you run out.

How will MedAlign help me?

You do not have to worry about calling in your refills or making multiple trips to the pharmacy to get all of your medications. We will ensure everything is organized for you. MedAlign will help you avoid forgetting to refill your medications or experiencing delays between refills.

This service will also allow you to have focused one-on-one time with your pharmacist to discuss your medication questions and health goals.

How does it work?

Your pharmacist will review your medications and discuss the best scheduling strategy with you. In order to align as many medications as possible to the same date, the pharmacy staff may provide you with “short-fills” (less than your typical supply) or “long-fills” (more than your typical supply). This will depend on refill timing, the cost of the medication and your insurance coverage.

What do I have to do?

Meet with your pharmacist to review your medications and go over any changes or questions you have. Discuss with your pharmacist a refill cycle that would work best for you. Once the medications have been aligned, you will need to: 1) set up refill reminders with help from the pharmacy team, and 2) pick up medications on time.

Will all my medications be included?

We will try to include as many medications as possible. However, some medications may not be able to be aligned. Medications taken as needed, short-term medications such as antibiotics, and medications that are not solids, such as liquids, creams, lotions and inhalers, cannot be aligned.

For medications that can’t be aligned, we recommend the Pharmasave app for convenient and easy options for refills and reminders. The app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Will this cost me anything?

There are no fees to participate in the MedAlign service. Depending on your benefit plan, there may be additional one-time prescription costs during the initial alignment process. Your pharmacist will work out the best possible strategy to avoid these costs when adjusting your refill dates. Other added benefit services, such as chronic disease management or prevention, may have fees if not covered by an insurance program.

Will my doctor be okay with me participating in MedAlign?

Many doctors like the service and see value in it for their patients. Your pharmacist will discuss the program with your doctor and may need to work with him or her to align your current refills and any new prescriptions in the future.

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